Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! : The Two-Way Justin Bieber's birthday
NPR logo Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

I have spent most of the day fighting the inevitable. No matter how engrossed I am in reviewing the complexity of a Libyan no-fly zone, I'm overwhelmed with news about actor Charlie Sheen (check out NPR's Monkey See for this excellent post on Sheen by Linda Holmes). And if it's not Sheen, then I'm overwhelmed by the fact that March 1 is A Very Important Day.

You didn't know? Why, it's Justin Bieber's birthday! He's 17. Where have you been?

If you want to help celebrate, you can give a birthday gift to charity, talk to other Bieber-philes on their special website, squeal at your computer with these girls, swoon over JB's 3D extended movie trailer, buy his nail polish (try I'm A Belieber - it's purple), join Usher and congratulate him on Justin's Twitter feed, or watch James Earl Jones deliver his lyrics or read this extremely hot item: JB and actress Selena Gomez are an Item!!!

Happy Birthday, Justin Baby. (Oh, Ludacris.)