NPR logo 'Daily Show' And Fox News Tell Candidates: Make Up Minds


'Daily Show' And Fox News Tell Candidates: Make Up Minds

The 2012 presidential season is starting to ramp up. If you don't believe me, consider this: Both The Daily Show and Fox News say that it has — and that potential candidates should make up their minds.

Last night, Jon Stewart aired the inaugural "Indecision 2012" segment, in which he noted that several possible Republican candidates are under contract in media jobs — appearing on Fox News in some cases, and on reality shows, in others.

And today, Fox News announced that it is suspending both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum for two months, at which point they must tell the network what their intentions are. That was reported earlier today on our It's All Politics blog.

Also on IAP, Frank James wrote about another GOP politician some people have considered a possible presidential candidate: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was recently profiled in both the National Review Online and The New York Times Magazine.

As Frank writes, Christie told National Review Online's Rich Lowry that he knows that he could win both the Republican presidential nomination and the national election. But, Christie says, he needs to feel it in his heart that he's ready to be president.