NPR logo VIDEO: Gadhafi Again Blames Foreigners


VIDEO: Gadhafi Again Blames Foreigners

Courtesy of The Guardian, here is video (with English subtitles) of statements made today by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. As he has before, Gadhafi blames foreigners for the uprising in his nation. "It's a small group from Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine," he claims, even though independent reporting from journalists in and around Libya shows it is a homegrown movement that's trying to topple Gadhafi's regime:

Al-Jazeera says Gadhafi also "warned of a plot to colonise Libya."

Meanwhile, Gadhafi has also vowed that his forces will fight back if Western nations try to impose a no-fly zone over Libya. And The Associated Press says it has been told by an Egyptian airport official that a high-ranking member of the Libyan regime has landed in Cairo with a message from Gadhafi.

And Reuters reports that "Libyan forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi closed in on rebels in the western city of Zawiyah on Wednesday, surrounding them with tanks and snipers in the main square, a resident and a rebel fighter said."

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