NPR logo State Dept. Spokesman Crowley Resigns Following Controversial Remarks


State Dept. Spokesman Crowley Resigns Following Controversial Remarks

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Charles Dharapak/AP

P.J. Crowley.

Charles Dharapak/AP

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley resigned Sunday after saying the treatment of Wikileaks suspect Army Pfc Bradley Manning as 'ridiculous' and 'stupid'. Manning is charged with giving top secret documents to an unauthorized party (Wikileaks). He's held in a military brig in Virginia, where the Washington Post says he's being watched for 'prevention of injury' and had to take off most of his pajamas at night so he wouldn't try to hurt himself.

The New York Times says Crowley's remarks outraged the White House, as the latest of several 'incautious' remarks made by the retired Air Force officer. That's because President Obama was questioned about it on Friday.

Politico says the President said he'd asked the Pentagon about Manning's treatment and was told appropriate procedures were taken. Crowley quit Sunday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a terse statement saying she accepted his resignation with regret and wished him well.

Crowley will be replaced by Michael Hammer, a former National Security Council spokesman, who joined State last month as Crowley's deputy.

Crowley tweeted:

Mike Hammer will do a great job as my successor at State. He and I worked together 12 years ago on the NSC staff at the White House.