Germany Suspends Nuclear Plant Plans : The Two-Way Germany reviews nuclear policy
NPR logo Germany Suspends Nuclear Plant Plans

Germany Suspends Nuclear Plant Plans

Anti-nuclear protesters form a human chain at the nuclear power plant at Neckarwestheim, southern Germany on March 12, 2011. PATRICK SEEGER/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Given Japan's nuclear woes, Germans are anxious over the safety of their 17 nuclear power plants. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her government will delay its plans to extend the life of nuclear plants in Germany. The Wall Street Journal says Merkel has ordered a moratorium to conduct a three month safety inquiry. She says the analysis will be thorough with 'nothing taboo' and added, "the situation after this moratorium will be different than the situation before."

Merkel has insisted on nuclear power as an aspect of the country's energy policy; Deute Welle says she could pay a political price for her stance. On Saturday, tens of thousands of Germans turned out to protest nuclear power. The BBC says they formed a human chain that stretched for 27 miles.