A Video, And Lesson For St. Patrick's Day : The Two-Way Happy St. Patrick's Day! We celebrate with a video of kids in Harlem dancing an Irish jig.
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A Video, And Lesson For St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Alas, I forgot to wear green, but in an effort to make it up to the universe, I'll share two slightly disjointed St. Patrick's Day items:

1) A heart-warming video from the Huffington Post, which tells the story of a program that pairs Fulbright scholars with New York City public school students. The scholars show the kids a slice of their culture. In this case, a Fulbright scholar teaches a class in Harlem how to dance an Irish jig.

As Samara Hoyer-Winfield, director of Global Classroom puts it, some of these kids never leave their neighborhood, but a program like this "brings the world to them." Anyway, here's the video:

2) If you're taking your celebration to a pub today, think about this new and, well, not entirely surprising study: Hangovers get worse as you age. MSNBC talks about the science behind it:

"The critical enzymes for breaking down booze are somewhat diminished in efficiency as we age," says Jim Schaefer, an alcohol metabolism expert and an anthropology professor at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y. ...

"It has been suggested that acetaldehyde is one of the key toxic chemicals that influences the severity of a hangover," Schaefer says. "So any deterioration in ADH levels would contribute to worse hangovers."

(H/T: The Awl)