NPR logo Other Headlines: Obama In South America, Haitian Presidential Vote


Other Headlines: Obama In South America, Haitian Presidential Vote

We're keeping an eye on news from Libya and Japan but here are some other developing news stories:

- President Obama moves from Brazil to Chile today. NPR's Ari Shapiro tells Morning Edition that while traveling, the president's been following U.S. military events in Libya.

- Election officials in Haiti are counting presidential ballots. NPR's Carrie Kahn is tracking developments in Port-au-Prince and tells Morning Edition the Haitian capital is calm as residents wait to see if a pop musician or former first lady wins.

- Wikileaks has brought down the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Carlos Pascual privately complained about infighting and problems with Mexico's security forces tackling that country's drug cartels. The Wall Street Journal reports Mexican President Felipe Calderon was furious over the leaked cable's contents; although traveling in Europe, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Pascual's departure personally, saying she never lost confidence in him.

- A late winter storm pummeled Southern California Sunday, reports member station KPCC. Two inches of rain fell on competitors in the Los Angeles Marathon and stomped through shin-deep puddles. The Los Angeles Times says thousands of runners had to be evaluated for hypothermia; 25 were taken to hospitals.