Donald Trump Proves He Was Born : The Two-Way After challenging President Obama, the Donald first released a document of his own that wasn't an official birth certificate — to much mockery. Now he has found the real thing.
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Donald Trump Proves He Was Born

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Charles Sykes/AP

Donald Trump.

Charles Sykes/AP

As we said Tuesday, there was a fair amount of fun made at the expense of developer/reality TV star/presidential wannabe Donald Trump after he released a piece of paper that wasn't really a birth certificate. He had, after all, joined those who say they still have doubts about the documents that the state of Hawaii has released regarding President Obama's birth.

Well, as ABC News' The Note says, the Donald has now produced "a copy of his official birth certificate."

The Note adds that:

"Michael Cohen, an executive at the Trump Organization, who has been leading a 'Draft Trump' movement insisted that his boss was not a 'birther,;' but rather was attempting to hold the Obama administration, which rode into offices on promises of transparency, accountable."