NPR logo Two Former New Orleans Officers Sentenced In Post-Katrina Brutality Case


Two Former New Orleans Officers Sentenced In Post-Katrina Brutality Case

A federal judge has sentenced two former New Orleans police officers to lengthy prison terms for the murder of a New Orleans man in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans Times-Picayune says former officer David Warren received a 25-year prison term for shooting Henry Glover in September, 2005. U.S. District Judge Lance Africk told Warren his use of deadly force against Glover was unnecessary and the harsh sentence is needed to deter other officers from bad conduct.

Judge Africk also sentenced former New Orleans officer Greg McRae to 17 years in prison. McRae burned the car with Glover's body inside after he died. Africk says McRae's conduct was unforgivable and barbaric.

On NPR's Tell Me More, Michel Martin talked with Pro-Publica's A.C. Thompson about Glover's murder. After Hurricane Katrina passed in September, 2005, Glover was allegedly taking items like pans and candles from a small store when he was shot by then-officer David Warren. Glover's brother, a friend and a stranger picked him up and took him to a nearby group of police for medical help. Thompson explains the men didn't realize Glover had been shot by an officer. The men were attacked by police and Glover never got medical attention; he was left to bleed to death in a car.

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Thompson, in collaboration with the Times Picayune and PBS's Frontline, has followed six cases of New Orleans area police brutality following the hurricane, of which the Glover murder is Case Five. Find them here.