NPR logo Amazing Shots Of Shuttle Endeavour Thanks To @NASATweetup


Amazing Shots Of Shuttle Endeavour Thanks To @NASATweetup

Entering the clouds. Trey Ratcliff/@TreyRatcliff hide caption

toggle caption Trey Ratcliff/@TreyRatcliff

Entering the clouds.

Trey Ratcliff/@TreyRatcliff

Not long after the space shuttle Endeavour blasted into space this morning, shuttle enthusiasts were using the #NASATweetup hashtag on Twitter to share photos.

Above the clouds. Stefanie Gordon/@Stefmara hide caption

toggle caption Stefanie Gordon/@Stefmara

Texas-based photographer Trey Ratcliff's shot of the shuttle as it entered the clouds above the Kennedy Space Center is striking.

And Stefanie Gordon of New Jersey reports she got quite a view from her seat aboard aboard a passenger jet after the shuttle broke through the clouds. "Three things about my flight," she wrote when she posted the photo. "I can lay down across 3 seats just fine, it was freezing & I got to see this."

There are many more images showing up on Twitpic.

Update at 5:31 p.m. ET: As happens when something goes viral on the internet, Stefanie Gordon is now a Twitter celebrity. Mashable reports that since her picture started getting attention, she's added some 1,000 followers.

Mashable reports:

"I don't have that many Twitter followers, and I basically tweet about sports," Gordon tells Mashable. "I really didn't expect it to go as viral as it did."

Although other people on the plane also took photos, the 33-year-old event planner says it seems that she's the only one who posted them to Twitter.

Gordon also added a short video of the shuttle.

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