NPR logo Can't Say 'Gay'? Try 'Takei'!


Can't Say 'Gay'? Try 'Takei'!

Actor George Takei has developed a hilarious response to pending legislation in Tennessee that would bar teachers from saying the word, 'gay' or discussing homosexuality in classrooms until high school. Teachers! Need to use a different word? Here's George to the rescue - substitute 'Takei' instead!


Takei says the law is premised on the misguided belief that by not talking about gay people, they'll be forced to 'disappear'.

Quips: You can say you're a supporter of 'Takei Marriage', march in a 'Takei Pride Parade' or, at holiday time, sing '....don we now our Takei apparel'.

The Tennessean reports SB 49 bars the discussion of homosexuality in classrooms until high school. Takei is outspoken on gay and lesbian rights and married his husband, Brad Altman in 2008, during the brief window when California permitted same sex couples to wed.

On It' you can select mugs, shirts, hats, buttons or mousepads to show your support. Takei says all donations will be given to charity, but he doesn't identify which one.