NPR logo Disney Drops Trademark Request for Navy SEAL Name


Disney Drops Trademark Request for Navy SEAL Name

The Disney Company has agreed to drop its application to trademark the name SEAL Team 6. The Los Angeles Times says two days after the U.S. Navy Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden, Disney requested the trademark application.

The Times says 'faced with a public relations firestorm', Disney withdrew its application to use the SEAL Team 6 moniker on 'games, snow globes and TV shows'.

AP says the Disney Company's ABC subsidiary intended to develop a TV show based on the military units, similar to the popular NCIS and JAG shows, which are also Navy units. A Navy spokeswoman says the Navy owned rights to the SEAL trademark but has filed new applications for 'Navy SEALs" and "SEAL Team".

Even Jon Stewart recently opened a show making fun of the Disney move, saying he couldn't wait for the Disney Happy Meal.