An Alleged Mastermind Of Rwandan Genocide Faces Long List Of Charges

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"A Rwandan genocide suspect on the run for 17 years has been arrested in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo," the BBC writes. "Bernard Munyagishari is accused of being a militia leader who masterminded the killing of Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Gisenyi in 1994."

As with accused Bosnian mass murderer Ratko Mladic, who we posted about earlier, international authorities have a long list of charges they want to bring against Munyagishari.

The 2005 indictment brought against him in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda lists many killings he's accused of carrying out himself. Some excerpts:

— "At the roadblocks that he supervised, Bernard Munyagishari selected Tutsis and ordered his Interahamwe to take them to be killed and buried at the 'Commune Rouge.' The 'Commune Rouge was an infamous cemetery in Gisenyi and the adjective 'rouge' (red) recalled the colour of the blood of those who were killed and buried there."

— "During April 1994, Bernard Munyagishari committed an attack and ordered or instigated a large group of Interahamwe including BIO-1 and Hassan Ngeze, to attack the Catholic Church in Gisenyi. The Interahamwe, including Bernard Munyagishari killed many Tutsis and wounded many others who were seeking refuge there."

— "During the period from 7 April 1994 to 17 July 1994, Bernard Munyagishari created a special corps of young Interahamwe called the 'Ntarumikwa' to rape and kill the Tutsi women. Bernard Munyagishari ordered or instigated these young Interahamwe openly to rape Tutsi women and girls before killing them. Bernard Munyagishari also instigated his wife and fellow Interahamwe, Zainabou, and a female group that he headed, to sexually torture fellow Tutsis before killing them."

Here is the indictment. Click on "Bernard Munyagishari" to pop up a more readable view:

NPR's Jackie Northam is due to have more on Munyagishari's arrest on today's edition of All Things Considered.



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