Laura Ingraham Tells Ed Schultz: 'Apology Accepted'

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NPR's David Folkenflik on the story

Another broadcaster has gotten in trouble for offensive behavior.

But it doesn't look like there will be any lingering contoversy.

Liberal talker Ed Schultz of MSNBC has apologized at length for the very vile word he used in reference to conservative talker Laura Ingraham. And Schultz has been suspended for a week by the network.

Ingraham, meanwhile, said on her radio show today that "I accept his apology" and that in cases like this she thinks everyone should move on and try to honestly debate key issues, sometimes with satire and humor, but always knowing that "at the end of the day ... we all want the best for the country."

Videos of Schultz's apology and Ingraham's comments follow. Note: The word he used isn't one that we would repeat. Please don't try to slip it into the comments thread. If you need to know what it was, it's easy to find on the Web.

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