NPR logo Murdochs To Address British Lawmakers; Record Heat Continues


Murdochs To Address British Lawmakers; Record Heat Continues

In an eagerly awaited appearance, Rupert and James Murdoch will testify before a British parliamentary committee today on what they knew about illegal phone hacking and alleged bribes paid to police officers. The Guardian notes the father and son will be followed by Rebekah Brooks, the former CEO of News International, who resigned last Friday and was arrested over the weekend as a suspect in the criminal inquiry.

The House will vote on financial legislation including a requirement for a balanced budget amendment today. The AP says it's backed by lawmakers supportive of the Tea Party, who say their bill would let the federal government avoid defaulting on its debt. But the White House has already promised a veto - the legislation also forces immediate, large federal spending cuts.

There'll be more punishing heat in the Midwest today. The National Weather Service says the hot temperatures and rising humidity will make it feel like 100 degrees or warmer in several states.

Huge dust storms rolled through Phoenix again yesterday - it's the second so-called haboob in two weeks. ArizonaCentral reports there were wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and visibility fell to as little as 100 feet in some places.