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Last Fugitive Balkan War Crimes Suspect Arrested In Serbia

Serbia says Goran Hadzic, a Croatian Serb, has been arrested in northern Serbia. The AP says Hadzic was indicted in 1994 on charges of war crimes. He gained power under the wing of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevich's secret police and then ran the Serb operation in eastern Croatia during the war for that country between 1991-1995.

Goran Hadzic, from 1993. Bebeto Matthews/AP hide caption

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Goran Hadzic, from 1993.

Bebeto Matthews/AP

The UN War Crimes Tribunal says Hadzic should be extradited to the Hague in a few days, according to Reuters. Hadzic was the last of 161 indicted Balkan suspects sought by war crimes prosecutors. His capture comes two months after the arrest of most-wanted war crimes suspect, Serbian military leader Ratko Mladic.

The Telegraph profiles Hadzic's many alleged crimes, including participation in the Vukovar massacre in late 1991. Serb forces forced about 255 Croats and other non-Serbs from a hospital in Vukovar, Croatia to a field outside the city. The patients were tortured and murdered and their bodies flung into a mass grave.

Serbia's arrests of Hadzic and Mladic are expected to bolster its chances to join the European Union, which Bloomberg says had been a problem. EU leaders today issued a statement commending Serbia's leadership on the arrests.

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