NPR logo House To Vote On GOP Debt Plan; Tropical Storm Don Heads For Texas


House To Vote On GOP Debt Plan; Tropical Storm Don Heads For Texas

The House is scheduled to vote on the hastily revamped debt package offered by Speaker John Boehner. The Republican leader bluntly told critical GOP colleagues to either support his bill or watch the nation fall into financial calamity. The Washington Post sketches what might happen today, noting there may be increased GOP support for Boehner's plan, but nothing's certain.

A British judge has opened a high-profile inquiry into phone hacking. Lord Justice Leveson and his panel will look at the relationship among journalists, politicians, the police and the public. This follows outrage over the behavior of now-defunct News of the World, after an investigator for the paper broke into the mobile phone voice mail of a murdered teenaged girl. The matter has expanded into alleged corruption of police and government officials. Judge Leveson says the inquiry is getting so broad he'll need at least a year to finish, according to the Guardian.

A suicide bombing in Iraq killed at least 12 people today, according to AP. The bomb exploded outside a bank in downtown Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown, killing police officers who were picking up paychecks. The BBC says a second car bomb also exploded.

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Don is headed for southern Texas, and will probably arrive late Friday night. The Houston Chronicle reports Don is predicted to hit near Corpus Christi with a lot of rain, but probably not a storm surge. The rain would be welcome - the Texas coast is suffering from an exceptional drought.