NPR logo Top Stories: Penn State, Eurozone Crisis, Iran, Syria

Morning roundup

Top Stories: Penn State, Eurozone Crisis, Iran, Syria

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Report: Years And Years Of Missed Chances In Penn State Scandal

After 'Frenetic' Weekend, Italy Rushes To Limit Financial Damage

In Norway, Confessed Mass Murderer Claims To Be 'Military Commander'

Herman Cain's Wife Says 'He Totally Respects Women'

Other "front-page" stories today include:

— German Chancellor Merkel Says This May Be Europe's "Toughest Hour Since World War II." (Reuters)

— Jordan's King Abdullah Calls On Syria's Assad To "Step Down." (BBC News)

— "Obama Doesn't Rule Out Military Option In Iran." (Fox News)

— "On Supercommittee, Growing Doubts About Reaching A Debt Deal." (The Washington Post)

— Boeing Signs Its Biggest Deal Ever; $18 Billion Order From Emirates Airlines For 50 Aircraft. (CNN Money)

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