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Fans Of 'The Office,' This Video's For You: Cat Drops From Ceiling

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Seeing this video on Gawker today of a cat causing quite a stir when it fell out of the ceiling of a classroom in Costa Rica reminded us of a scene from season five of The Office.

Fans of the show will likely remember the chaos that occurred when Dwight decided to hold a fire drill. We couldn't forget the fate of Angela's poor cat Bandit. Fast forward to about the 2:30 mark in The Office clip if you just want to see what happens to the little guy.

Could it be that Bandit headed south to safety?

We assume no cats were really harmed in either instance.

Loyal Two-Way readers know we have a weakness for stories about cats falling from things (as long as they don't get hurt, of course.) One of our earlier posts: Cat Falls 19 Floors, Lands Purrfectly.

Now, back to the day's serious news.



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