NPR logo Photos: Inside And Around North Korea's Still-Unfinished 'Hotel Of Doom'


Photos: Inside And Around North Korea's Still-Unfinished 'Hotel Of Doom'

Pyongyang's 'Hotel of Doom'

Work has been on- and off-again for 25 years on North Korea's Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang. The tour company Koryo Group has released some new photos.

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Construction of the Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, began in 1987 — but was halted for 16 years by a lack of funds. The still-unfinished 105-story skyscraper has become something of a symbol of that nation's "thwarted ambitions," as the BBC says.

But thanks to Koryo Tours, which runs trips to the communist state, we do have some new photos of the ominous-looking "Hotel of Doom." The company has posted some shots on Facebook and has shared them with the Associated Press. Koryo tells the BBC that the hotel may finally be finished in two or three years. Unless the money runs out again, of course.

(H/T to NPR's Scott Neuman.)



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