NPR logo Three Dead In Egypt Clashes Over Plot Of Land


Three Dead In Egypt Clashes Over Plot Of Land

At least three people were killed as Egyptian troops clashed with protesters Sunday in Cairo in a dispute over a plot of land on an island in the Nile River.

Kimberly Adams reported on the clash for NPR's Newscast Unit. Here's what she said:

"Egyptian state media reported several army troops and protesters were injured in the four-hour gunfight in southern Cairo. Army troops arrested more than a dozen of the protesters.

The army claims it owns the plot of land on the island of Qursayah, but people living on the land claim they have a right to be there. The dispute goes back to 2007, but this weekend, about 60 people, mostly women, attempted to reclaim the land. They were evicted, and the military says the firefight erupted after negotiations failed.

After the clashes, protesters blocked one of the roads to the island with metal barricades and burning tires, demanding the release of those arrested.

This is the first known street battle in Egypt with the army since President Mohamed Morsi took office in June."



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