NPR logo Top Stories: Venezuela After Chávez; Snowstorm Pummels East

Morning roundup

Top Stories: Venezuela After Chávez; Snowstorm Pummels East

Good morning, here are our early stories:

After Chávez: His 'Revolution' Is Likely To Continue.

Storm Brings Season's Heaviest Snowfall To Midwest, Mid-Atlantic.

And here are more early headlines:

Brennan's CIA Nomination On 'Fast Track'; Vote May Come As Early As Thursday. (AP)

Finally! Last Cardinal Expected Soon At Vatican To Help Choose New Pope. (CNN)

Could Dow's New Record Prompt More Spending By Wealthy? (Marketwatch)

European Union Fines Microsoft For Denying Consumers Web Browser Choice. (Reuters)

After Two Years Of Fighting, Syria Has 1 Million Refugees. (Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles City Councilman, Controller, Headed For Mayoral Runoff. (KPCC)

Czech Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Under Attack By Hackers. (Reuters)

Did The Duchess Of Cambridge Drop A Hint About Her Baby's Gender? (People)

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