NPR logo Top Stories: 'Misha' Speaks; Manchin Predicts Gun Bill Win

Morning roundup

Top Stories: 'Misha' Speaks; Manchin Predicts Gun Bill Win

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

I Would Have Stopped Him, 'Misha' Says Of Bombing Suspect.

Sen. Manchin Says Background Checks Bill Will Pass Next Time.

Gas Leak Suspected After Dozens Injured By Blast In Prague.

Tim Tebow Cut By NFL's Jets.

Book News: Feminist Icon Mary Thom Dies In Motorcycle Crash.

Other stories making headlines include:

— "Afghan Leader's Office Gets Bags Full Of Cash From CIA." (The New York Times)

— Syrian Prime Minister "Survives Car Bomb Attack." (Al-Jazeera)

— Hearing Monday For Mississippi Man Accused In Ricin Letters Case. (The Associated Press)

— "One World Trade Center To Become Tallest Tower In Western Hemisphere." (PIX-11)

— "After Sandy, Questions Linger Over Cellphone Reliability." (All Tech Considered)

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