NPR logo Top Stories: Oklahoma's Severe Weather; IRS Testimony

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Top Stories: Oklahoma's Severe Weather; IRS Testimony

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

Death Toll From Latest Oklahoma Tornado Rises Further.

More Than 100 Dead In China Poultry Plant Blaze.

Who Knew? Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Is A Funny Guy.

Cardboard Bike Creator May Soon Start Peddling His Product.

Book News: Apple Vs. DOJ As Ebook Price-Fixing Trial Begins.

Other news:

— "Affirmative Action On Tap At The Supreme Court." (SCOTUSblog)

— "Congress Back At Work With Focus On IRS." (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

— "Fight For Homs Fades From Headlines As War In Syria Rages." (Morning Edition)

— "Intent To Harm At Center Of Bradley Manning's Trial." (Morning Edition)

— "Turkish Markets Tumble As Protests Unsettle Investors." (Reuters)

Related: "Violent Protests Persist In Turkish Cities." (Morning Edition)

— "Powerhouse Fire" In California's Angeles National Forest "Reaches 25,000 Acres." (Southern California Public Radio)

"Surf Air Offers 'All You Can Fly' For A Monthly Fee." (Morning Edition)