NPR logo All Of The Missing In Colorado Floods Now Accounted For


All Of The Missing In Colorado Floods Now Accounted For

Authorities in Colorado broke some good news Tuesday: "Everyone on the missing list published [Monday] has been accounted for," the Larimer County Sheriff said in a press release.

As The Denver Post reports that means the last six people on a list that grew to 600 at the height of the historic floods are now accounted for or presumed dead.

"On a separate list of those who are 'missing and presumed dead,' the last remaining name is Patty Goodwine, a 60-year-old woman from Cedar Cove," the Post reports. "The Colorado Office of Emergency Management says there are eight confirmed dead from the flooding..."

The Associated Press adds:

"It was a remarkable outcome after a disaster that damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 homes, washed out hundreds of miles of roads and left many small mountain towns completely cut off. ...

"Meanwhile, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said three new spills totaling at least 7,600 gallons had been discovered as flood waters recede. Regulators are now tracking 11 notable leaks totaling at least 34,500 barrels, mostly from storage tanks that toppled or otherwise failed.

"Flooding has hampered attempts to inspect storm damage. Where crews can get to the sites, they are using containment booms and vacuum trucks to capture and remove oil-contaminated water, said Todd Hartman, a spokesman for the commission."