NPR logo Top Stories: Ukraine Turmoil; Egypt's Government Quits

Morning roundup

Top Stories: Ukraine Turmoil; Egypt's Government Quits

Good morning, here are our early stories:

— Ukraine's Yanukovich On Run From Mass Murder Charge.

— Pentagon Budget-Cutting Plans Sure To Draw Flak.

— Resignations In Egypt May Be Prelude To General's Presidential Run.

And here are more early headlines:

Netflix, Comcast Strike Streaming Deal. (Wall Street Journal)

Uganda's President Signs Bill Criminalizing Homosexuality. (CNN)

Venezuelan President To Meet Opposition As Protests Continue. (Bloomberg)

Mississippi River Traffic Halted Near New Orleans After Oil Spill. (UPI)

Earnhardt Jr. Wins Rain-Delayed Daytona 500. (ESPN)

Poisoned Meatballs In San Francisco Threaten Pets. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Spelling Bee Runs Out Of Words For Determined Competitors. (Kansas City Star)

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