In St. Joseph, La., it's not uncommon for brown water like this to come streaming from faucets. Courtesy of Garrett Boyte hide caption

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Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have exchanged compliments. In the words of one Putin adviser, "he more carefully listens to so-called 'silent majority' of the American nation, who don't want conflict with Russia." Robert F. Bukaty/AP hide caption

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Weeks after a woman sued Twitter for giving voice to ISIS, the social media platform released a statement saying it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015. Bethany Clarke/Getty Images hide caption

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December brought storm clouds to the Porter Ranch neighborhood in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. David McNew/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Former first lady Barbara Bush, mother of Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, campaigns with her son (left) at a town hall meeting at West Running Brook Middle School in Derry, N.H. Jacquelyn Martin/AP hide caption

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According to the new ruling, police in five Southeastern states cannot use Tasers on nonviolent, noncooperative suspects. Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images hide caption

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