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David Paterson's Got It Going On!

New York Gov. David Paterson discusses his marital infidelities at a news conference on Tuesday as his wife Michelle Paterson looks on. AP Photo/Mike Groll hide caption

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AP Photo/Mike Groll

While the rest of America had its knickers in a knot over Barack Obama and the nontroversy of his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, can I just say I was focused on my other favorite black politician of the moment: New York Gov. David Paterson.

What do I like about the guy? First day on the job, he admits to having an affair. Second day on the job, he admits to having a number of affairs. Not that I approve of sleeping with other women. Per se. But people are always carping about politicians not being honest and here is Paterson, paint still drying on his office door, throwing out a little TMI.

And let's not forget that Paterson is legally blind. I only bring that up because Sheri Shepherd — the "blonde" black girl on ABC's "The View" — joked (I think she was joking) that Paterson "can't see to cheat." Know what? I'm sick of people underestimating the otherly abled! Truth is they can screw around just as well as people with two good eyes!

And check this out: He got girls without paying for them. Take that Eliot Spitzer!

And before you start a thread about what a sexist I am, can I tell you what a breath of fresh air New York's new first lady Michelle Paige Paterson is? Her philosophy on her husband's philandering? "You have to let people live their life." You tell 'em, sister! Of course, I'm sure it helps her Zenness that while her man was out sowing his oats, Michelle was right out there sowing some as well — Michelle having admitting to an affair herself. Hey, at least no more wronged-wife-with-a-tattooed-on smile standing next to her husband at a press conference.

I could go on and on with admiration for Paterson — the fact that he had his tryst on the cheap at a Manhattan Days Inn, the rumor he had a "close relationship" with Olympic gold medalist Diane Dixon ...

Of course, none of this really has much to do with David Paterson the politician, but that's kinda the point. Maybe Paterson'll be a great governor. Maybe not. But out of the gate we know this: Opposite the moral perfectionist Spitzer made himself out to be, Paterson admits to being no better or worse than the rest of us. And how refreshing is that?