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Checking In From The Czech Republic

The Charles Bridge is one of Prague's historic landmarks. John Ridley hide caption

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John Ridley

I've made it to Prague, and let me just say it's a beautiful city. Particularly if you happen to be into old world Europe, 'cause there's a lot of that going on here. The weather's been beautiful, and that only adds to the charm.


My workload here has been heavier than expected. I haven't had as much time to play the tourist as I'd like, so I'm very thankful for readers' suggestions about where to go and what to see. Thanks to Afi for the tip on the Charles Bridge which, though it's undergoing renovations, is both beautiful and a wonderful vantage point from which to take in the city.

And thanks to Alexandra who suggested I hit up "all the overpriced cocktail bars in the center, where you can make the acquaintance of dozens of charming drunken Englishmen on bachelor party weekends." GREAT tip, 'cause as pretty as the Charles Bridge is, it doesn't buy you free rounds of Absinth (Bohemian-style Absinthe). Absinth being the famous — or infamous — spirit that was tagged as an addictive hallucinogenic and long banned across the world. Though widely available in Europe since the 1990s, a low-grade version has only just been authorized for sale in the United States.

As a note, I had mine both with, and without the "fire ritual," which is a fairly flamboyant presentation of the drink, but one which real connoisseurs frown upon as being artifice which just ruins the taste of the drink.

Thanks, Alexandra!