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We Stand Corrected: There Is Such A Thing As An Eyeball Massager

Image of Eyeball Massager from Sky Mall catalog.

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As many of you let us know, legendary singer Andy Williams did not in fact lose the game of "Not My Job" he played a couple weeks ago. Peter asked him which of the following devices could be found on the pages of the Sky Mall catalog:

A) The Day Clock, a clock that just tells you what day it is.
B) The Eyeball Massager
C) Corded Electric Heater Gloves

He answered Eyeball Massager, which we said was wrong. Because, how could that possibly exist? It exists. The Day Clock, which we said was the right answer, also exists.

We intend to correct the error, apologize to Andy, and make sure the listener he was playing for gets Carl's voice on their answering machine. In the meantime, I'm amazed by two things. One, apparently the Venn Diagram for Wait, Wait listeners and avid readers of Sky Mall is just a circle, because seriously, a lot of you wrote in to tell us about this error. Second, in trying to think of the dumbest thing he could think of, Peter accidentally invented the Eyeball Massager.



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