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It's The End Of The World, And It's Delicious!

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via Costco

So, you've got your assault rifle, your gas mask, and old Saved By the Bell vids to keep you entertained, but when the apocalypse comes, what are you going to eat? Zombie meat is so gamey! Well not too worry, Costco has the answer: for just $799.99, you can keep you and any other remaining members of the human race fed for one year. Dubious? Read the reviews:

You will not be disappointed in the quality, taste and variety. My only complaint is the food tastes so good that it is hard to keep in storage!

Careful, Snarfer from NJ! Save some for 2012!

Concerned as we are about Wiemar Republic-like hyperinflation, we bought this product. One can had cracked open at its bottom due to blunt force trauma during shipping.

Don't worry, HyperinflationHedge from OR. It's nuke proof.

My review: Apocalypse? More like mmmmmpocalypse!