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Sandwich Monday: Hot Pockets Sideshots

I don't know if it technically qualifies as a sandwich, but we'll expand Sandwich Monday to Sandwichball Monday just this once so we can try the Hot Pockets Sideshots. It's a bread ball encompassing cheeseburger or chicken product. Where the KFC Double Down eliminated bread, the Sideshot expands it, yet both manage to be more disgusting than the original. To the Test Cubicle!

Image of new Hot Pocket sandwich.

Mike: Last time I saw this, Han Solo was stuffing Luke into it to keep him warm.
Peter: It's like a pre-chewed burger. They've taken that step for you.
Ian: It does save time.
Mike: The next iteration is just a straw where you suck up the cheese and meat.

Image of new Hot Pocket sandwich.

Ian: You don't often eat food in spheres, except fruit. This is like eating meat fruit.
Eva: I have to say it's not bad.
Ian: I have to say it is bad.
Mike: There's just too much bread.
Ian: Yeah, it'd be better if there was a sphere of fried chicken around it.

Image of new Hot Pocket sandwich.

Ian: It's too hot. You know what, I just criticized this pocket for being hot. I should have known, because it's a Hot Pocket.
Peter: But it's not really a pocket.
Ian: Right, it's a ball. A Hot Ball.

Image of new Hot Pocket sandwich.

Ian: Look in there. It's a meat cave.
Peter: "Heat, Break, and Eat?" It's like a sequel to Eat, Pray, Love.
Mike: It's a prequel. You Heat, Break, Eat, Pray, Love.

Image of new Hot Pocket sandwich.

Ian: What about the name? SIDESHOTS! It makes me think you should keep them in a holster.
Peter: Maybe it's called that because it's a side dish.
Mike: What's the main course?
Eva: A regular Hot Pocket.



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