The Things You Say While Drunk: Still Regrettable, Now Audible

Gordon Jack/

You've been there. You're at a bar, you've got something to say that seems really important because you're drunk, and your friends can't hear you because the music's too loud and everybody's shouting. Well, next time, just invite your friends to stick their head into your talk bubble.

While it's just a concept at this point, we hope they'll add a device to translate Drunken Slurring into English, and we do have some tips for successful use of the so-called Social Sphere:

  • Do not throw up in the device.
  • If you find yourself thinking, that girl in the giant transparent helmet looks cute, you've had too much to drink.
  • With some duct tape and a little ingenuity, enjoy a bowl of beer, and fewer trips to the keg!
  • You get 1-2 "Look at me, I'm the Drunkstronaut!" max before someone punches you through the talkhole.
  • If you are wearing one, you've had too much to drink.
  • Do not throw up in the device.

Use responsibly.



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