What'll Finally Make President Obama Show Some Rage: Your Predictions

Obama Speaks On Monthly Job Numbers

I just spent 15 minutes looking for Obama's Angry Face and this was the best I found. Pool/Getty Images North America hide caption

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This weekend we asked our panelists what would finally make President Obama fly off the handle, and we asked you the same thing on our twitter. A few of our faves (though it should be said more than one of you predicted Bo the Dog & cigarette related triggers):

  • EvilEyeMonster ...that he flew all the way to the gulf to look at the oil leak and only got a lousy t-shirt?
  • dbrugg Losing reception during March Madness?
  • panelpatter In a fit of Spring Cleaning, Michelle throws away his comic books!
  • abbotofunreason Biden splits one too many infinitives.
  • springrunner Not using coasters.
  • daidaloslost Marlboro will stop offering UPC points 2 get stuff from their catalog despite him being only 3 more from Kiss the Cook BBQ apron.
  • steven_harrison Bo has an 'accident' in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Hear what our panel came up with here:

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And feel free to add more if you got 'em!



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