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We Drink The 'Gin Greasy': That Mayo & Gin Cocktail

The components of a Gin Greasy cocktail.

This weekend, author Tom Robbins joined us to play Not My Job. We had a great time with him, and the enduring moment has got to be his mention of the 'Gin Greasy.' It went like this:

SAGAL:  Apparently, you have a love of mayonnaise?

Mr. ROBBINS: Yeah. I eat so much mayonnaise they were going to send me to the Mayo Clinic.

SAGAL: But is this true, are you in fact a genuine mayo enthusiast, or are you putting us on?

Mr. ROBBINS: No, I am indeed. I think it's the food of the gods. In fact, once, and this is a true story, having nothing else to mix the gin with, I took...

SAGAL: Oh, no.

Mr. ROBBINS: ...mayonnaise and gin in a blender and created a new drink that my friends and I called the gin greasy, I think we called was actually pretty good.

I had to know.

Not wanting to waste gin, or mayonnaise for that matter, I decided to go with a tiny shot, rather than a whole mayotini.


Gin & mayonnaise don't combine well, probably because God doesn't want them to. So rather than a single disgusting sensation, the gin and mayonnaise battled for the title of Flavor I'd Most Regret Having In My Mouth. I had hoped even the small quantity of alcohol would provide enough impaired judgment to make the experience tolerable, but no.

There's a reason people don't drink this. This is the moment where I should tell you to avoid the Gin Greasy, but that pretty much goes without saying, right?

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