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Mindless Arcade Friday: Small Worlds

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Today's game: Small Worlds, by David Shute

Description: This is the perfect game for people who don't like games because they are bad at them. It has no rules, and only requires you to use your arrow keys to move your protagonist around on screen and explore a sinister but beautiful world. Despite the game's minimal and geometric graphics, you may at times feel scared or even sad in your cubicle. I did.

As you explore and accidentally gain access into higher levels, you will empathize with the game's hero, a little red blinking rectangle. This is because the top third of the rectangle is pink, and therefore resemebles the head part of a human being.

This not a game for people who do not like to feel feelings.

Gameplay: Use your four arrow keys to move up, down, left and right. And try not to cry.