A ham and turkey sandwich. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We take a break from gluttony this Sandwich Monday.
NPR logo Sandwich Monday: Peter's Incredibly Ordinary Lunch

Sandwich Monday: Peter's Incredibly Ordinary Lunch

Peter Sagal's boring sandwich.

[Ed. note: I don't have much of an appetite today and we're a little shorthanded this week, so Peter volunteered to do a Sandwich Monday about his boring but reliable brown bag lunch. We'll be back overdoing it next Monday.]

Today, for Sandwich Monday: ham and turkey on whole wheat bread, with some mustard.

Peter: I made it in a hurry, which is probably why there's a thumbprint in it.

Ian: Man! Ham on a sandwich! Who'd have thought of that!

Eva: I think it's crazy how you used bread instead of fried chicken strips.

Feel free to download this picture of PETER SAGAL'S ACTUAL LUNCH and add whatever Interesting Details to the sandwich, on this Monday, to make it a true Sandwich Monday.