We play the run and flee game, Canabalt. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! This week in the Arcade: Canabalt.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Canabalt

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Today's game: Canabalt, by AdamAtomic.

I know, Canabalt has been around a while. But we're making it today's Mindless Arcade Friday, in the interest of making sure everyone on the planet plays this game at least once before they die.

Canabalt takes place in a world that doesn't seem like it's going to last very long. There are giant killer robots on the loose, cities are crumbling, and someone left office chairs all over the place. We blame BP.

Gameplay: Run and jump! That's it. Actually, you don't even have to run. The computer does that for you. You just jump.

Complicating the matter are projectiles from above, those aforementioned office chairs, and the sneaking suspicion that whatever it is you're running from is inevitably going to catch you.

Go, play, and tell us what you think!