What did she do? : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Can you guess what the lady on this wanted poster did?
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Name That Crime!

Wanted poster.
NYPD Sketch/As seen in New York Post

Alright, so this one's slightly more Googleable than the last time we played Name That Crime... but any guesses what he or she allegedly robbed? Best answer this time wins glory and a tiny sense of achievement.

UPDATE: Using our elaborate rating equation, which is (groaning)x(laughing)/[(degree of difficulty x y2)x(trigonometry+4)]ohnoyoudidn't, the WWDBM jury picked several finalists...

  • Gary Cooper: If it wasn't several cases of cat food, I'm going to be very disappointed. By the way, is that police sketch for sale?
  • Aaron Thurston: Silly NYPD... cats don't have arms!
  • Janice Campbell: Eartha Kitt's Identity
  • Cody Roach: The cat-woman in question - wanted for vandalizing sofas, stealing yarn, and conspiracy to overthrow the government - was found dead in an alley yesterday. The police are now saying that it was curiosity.

...but only one can end up on top. And the winner, for Technical Achievement in the Field of Puns:

  • Stella Tsai: Charged with Two Counts of Feliny and Purrjery

Wow. Of course, many of you guessed or pointed us to the real story, which can be found here.