NPR logo A Look Inside A Palace Fit For A Bubba

A Look Inside A Palace Fit For A Bubba

You may have heard that Bill and Hillary Clinton just bought this big honking house in Bedford Hills, NY. It's a lovely luxury mansion, with plenty of room for the couple to get far, far away from each other. Let's take a look inside. First, the kitchen:

Via Coldwall Banker

Eva: This is where the arteries get clogged.
Ian: It's hard to imagine Bubba using a gravy boat. Or any utensils, ever.

Outdoor Living Room.
Via Coldwall Banker

Eva: Bill will be spending lots of time locked out of the house. Might as well make it comfortable.
Ian: Finally, Bill mounted wildlife in a socially acceptable way.

Master Bedroom.
Via Coldwall Banker

Ian: This is their master bedroom. The only time Bill will ever see it is on this blog. Hi Bill!
Eva: I think this is the room that inspired "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Second master bedroom.
Via Coldwall Banker

Ian: I feel your pain...tings.

Eva: I feel FOR the paintings.

Via Coldwall Banker.

Peter: What you don't know is that the photographer is standing in the pool, and it extends another MILE behind him.
Eva: Unless the Clintons are swimming in full body suits, I don't want to know about it.
Ian: I bet Bill Clinton does the best cannonball of all the former presidents.