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Sandwich Monday: The Lady's Brunch Burger

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We love Paula Deen around here. Her creativity, her Southern charm, her shocking ability to still be alive. For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try one of her most famous recipes: The Lady's Brunch Burger. It's basically a bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg, with two glazed donuts replacing the bun. If you think that sounds gross, you're wrong. You're also probably going to outlive us.

Mike marvels at the Lady's Brunch Burger

Eva: This has every single meal in one sandwich. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, burger for lunch, donut for dinner.

Mike: It's missing a chocolate cake layer.

Ian: Watching you eat that, I can see the beef patty through the donut hole. It's like a window to my future regret.

Lady's Brunch.

Mike: It is sticky. This is a meal best eaten with gloves. Or a HAZMAT suit.

Eva: Or you could have someone feed it to you.

Ian: Yeah, like how the Ancient Obese Greeks fed each other grapes, surrounded by donuts.

Eva eats the Lady's Brunch Burger

Eva: It's called the Lady's Brunch Burger. It's a very specific Lady, who would eat this Brunch Burger.

Ian: Is this the kind of thing you eat on a Ladies Night, Eva?

Eva: Yes. You'd know that if you'd seen Sex in the City 2.

This is the moment when Ian sees how much donut glaze there is on his camera. NPR hide caption

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Mike: It makes me wonder about bacon and donuts, it's amazing how well they go together.

Ian: It makes me wonder if the part of my life I spent not eating this was a waste.

[Hear Paula Deen talk about the Lady's Brunch Burger on our show here.]