A UK Police Department Is Tweeting Every Incident For 24 Hours : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! The Greater Manchester Police Force in England is tweeting every incident they face for 24 hours. It's mundane and wonderful.
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Like A Text Version Of 'Cops'

Twitter screen capture.
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Currently addicted to: the Greater Manchester police's twitter feeds (here, here, and here—or just search the hashtag #gmp24). For 24 hours, Britain's largest police department is tweeting every incident its officers face. Some favorites, of the hundreds of incidents so far:

  • Call 543 suspicious smell at address in Bolton
  • Call 686 man shouts 'you're gorgeous' to woman
  • call 1599 Abandoned 999 call. Child asking is my Dad there
  • Call 384 report of man holding baby over bridge - police immediately attended and it was man carrying dog that doesn't like bridges

And does anyone know what this means?

  • Call 599 report of fly tipping in Wigan

It's only so long till Mancunians start smuggling things in their pants just to make it on there. If you check out the feeds, let us know what you turn up.