We Play 'Thomas Was Alone.' : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! In this week's game, help three shapes - a little rectangle, a square and a bigger rectangle - work together to survive.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Lean On Me

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Today's Game: 'Thomas Was Alone' by mikebithell.

Here's a game that both manages to waste your time and warm your heart. Thomas, a little rectangle, journeys across a geometric wasteland, and as he advances levels he's joined by a plump little square and a taller, gawkier rectangle. The terrain gets trickier and the three friends must work together - each utilizing their individual strengths (the square doesn't add much) - to make it through.

The longer you play, the more these little shapes seem to develop personalities. And no matter what you look like in real life, you will no doubt assign yourself to Thomas (the cool, group leader, Don Draper-y one) which makes you feel good.

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