What The Gurn Is Gurning? : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We read an article about gurning and don't have any idea what gurning is.
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Really Gurning Her Keep

Please read the entirety of this article:

Woman gains gurning record

A Cumbrian woman who has won the world gurning title 27 times has finally been accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anne Woods, 62, who performs to the sound of Babybird's You're Gorgeous, said she felt "great" to have her achievements recognised.

The contest takes place in her hometown of Egremont, Cumbria, at its regular Crab Fair, reports The Sun.

Daughter Brenda Hoey applied to have her included in the prestigious book after her latest success in September.

Judges have now confirmed Mrs Woods will appear in the next edition, alongside fellow Cumbrian Tommy Mattinson, who has won the men's title 11 times.

She said: "It feels so great to have been accepted. It's not before time - I've won it 27 times.

"I haven't decided yet if I will carry on with gurning. It's a possibility I might retire. I don't think my record will be beaten though."

Anne started gurning when she was 30 - but it was not her choice.

Ms Hoey told how her mum had little choice when she started gurning at the age of 30.

"My brothers Brian and Robert entered her for a laugh and she just went up on stage and did it - and she won," she said.

We all made it through the whole thing and still don't know what gurning is. Here's what I can glean from the article:

  • It takes 32 years to get really good at it
  • You do it to music
  • Cumbrians are really good at it

Got a guess? Is there any possibility I'm gurning right now without knowing it?