Not For The Science-Hearted : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! A game that allows you to topple towers of shapes, in space!
NPR logo Mindless Arcade Friday: Imperfect Balance:The Sequel

Mindless Arcade Friday: Imperfect Balance:The Sequel

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What: Imperfect Balance 2 by ttursas

Gameplay: Use your mouse to click, drag and drop shapes onto stacks of other shapes in hopes of toppling them over.  

Where Does This Game Take Place?: Outer space.

My sister, who is a physicist, hates the movie 'Wall-E' because in her opinion it just breaks one too many scientific laws. "That could never happen," she said, repeatedly.*

No doubt she will hate this game too because it'll require her to suspend her belief that gravity does not exist in space.

Not Recommended For: Scientific sticklers.

Recommended For: Liberal Arts majors.

Does The Music Match The Tone Of The Game?: No

*She also hates joy.