We Eat A Quad Stacker. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Sandwich Monday, we eat a value-minded quadruple cheeseburger.
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Sandwich Monday: Searching For A Value

Over at the Consumerist blog, a guy named Stephen made a discovery about the BK Stacker Cheeseburger:

You can get a single, double, or triple Stacker for $1, $2, or $3.
The single has one beef patty, one slice of cheese, and two
half-slices of bacon. The double has two patties, still one slice of
cheese, and three half-slices of bacon. The triple has three patties,
two slices of cheese, and still three half-slices of bacon.

If you buy three singles and put them together, you end up with an
extra slice of cheese, and double the bacon you'd get just compared to ordering the triple alone.

We are always looking for a value here at Sandwich Monday, and barring that, we're always looking for something disgusting to eat. With the homemade quad Stacker, we got both.

A cross-section. NPR hide caption

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A cross-section.


Peter: Why didn't you just go bread-bacon-burger-bread-bacon-burger-bread?

Mike: A bun buffer between burgers.

Robert: Are you guys doing vocal warmup exercises?

Robert: When we finish the breadpile, I'm gonna eat the bag.

Peter: Sure, there's nothing good in there, but think about all the bad things that aren't in there either.

Ian: This really is a great value. What would make this an even better value is if I wanted any single part of it.

Mike: This reminds me of that movie about the king who struggled to speak because he always had food in his mouth, "The Burger King's Speech."

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"Sandwich Monday" and "Punish The Intern Monday" overlap.


Ian: Is there a grosser name than "BK Quad Stacker?"

Eva: BK Mushy Meat Mountain.

Robert: BK Tower of Remorse.

Mike: The Four Horsemen of The Bowelpocalypse.

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Eva: Why do they even bother with the sesame seeds?

Ian: I know. It's like I had this perfectly good cheeseburger and then somebody spilled nature on it.

[The verdict: this is a great way to get a lot of food you don't want for less money.]