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Mindless Arcade Friday

Mindless Arcade Friday: All We Need Is Brain

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What: 'All We Need Is Brain' by MiniMe Media

Marcy recommended this game to us on Twitter, leading me to waste my morning stuck on level 6, where I remain. Thanks, @beaslma.

The object here is to kill zombies. You do this by luring them out of their zombie holes with the aroma of their favorite snack - brains - and then leading them over a precipice or shooting them with a zombie killing gun. This is kind of like what happens to me when someone whips out a bag of gummy bears and offers me one. In my desperation to get a gummy bear, I trip over something, or I get shot with a zombie killing gun.

Gameplay: Use your mouse to click and drag brains within smelling range of zombies.

Not Recommended For: Zombies. It's highly offensive to zombies.



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