Papa's Taco Mia! : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! The thing about playing an online game about making tacos is it reminds you of real tacos, so make sure and have one handy!
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Mindless Arcade Friday: I'm Hungry

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WHAT: 'Papa's Taco Mia!' by Flipline Studios.

Papa's Taco is supposed to be about multi-tasking (you're a taco stand employee filling several orders at once) but if you're me, it becomes about turning up the volume high enough to mask the sounds of your growling belly. Turns out virtual tacos maintain some of the mouth-watering appeal of actual tacos.

GAMEPLAY: Use your mouse to click and drag. Use your mouth to salivate.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Brilliant multi-taskers. Less-than-brilliant-multi-taskers hoping to improve. People with easy access to real-life tacos (you will want one, trust me).

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Pre-lunchtime playing.