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Sandwich Monday: Meat Cupcakes

Not long ago, when faced with the choice of eating a cupcake or a cheeseburger, the only logical choice was to place the cupcake on top of the cheeseburger and insert the whole thing into your mouth. But thanks to the good people at The Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago, the burger cupcake now exists. The cake is a loaf of everything you'd find on a burger, the frosting is cheesy mashed potatoes.

Peter: "Meat Cupcake" sounds like football slang. "I smashed him into a meat cupcake."

Ian: I think it sounds like what I say to my face when I eat a cupcake. "Face, meet cupcake."

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They're not easy to eat.


Molly: You could make a really nice red velvet cupcake with beet puree.

Ian: That'd be a really good dessert for your kid's surprise party, if you didn't like your kid.

Ian: You know that thing when they have a woman jump out of a cake? It'd be a lot grosser to do it with a meat cake. A lot more like giving birth.

Eva: These are perfect for people who like their entrees to match their desserts.

Ian: Clearly meat cupcakes work well. But I have a hard time imagining a meat cookie.

Mike: Beefs Ahoy!

Peter: I'm sure the Keebler Butchers could come up with something.

[The verdict: really, really tasty. "Between two buns" is still probably the best format for a cheeseburger, but this is a fun alternative.]