Intern Net : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Our intern Kate starts up the new Behind the Scenes "Wait, Wait" Intern Blog.
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[Hi. I'm Kate the "Wait, Wait" intern and this is a new section of our blog where I'll be reporting on the latest happenings around the office every week. You may recognize me from other "Wait, Wait" blog posts, most notably the March 9-10th "What's a Beaver-Bear Mascot Doing in the Workplace?" promo video in which my unsteady camera work became a popular point of online discourse.]

MONDAY 4:23pm: Ian plays Kenny G.'s classic, "Silhouette," at his desk for the fifth time today. He keeps alternating the volume so that the soft harmonies gradually creep in and take over the office before the rest of us begin to realize why we feel so sensual.

WEDNESDAY 11:17am: We discuss Justin Bieber. Again. Because the Biebs comes up in the news cycle a lot, the group holds informal bi-daily Bieber discussions (I don't think they actually know how often they talk about him). Eva mentions that she recently watched his "Never Say Never" documentary and came to the conclusion that whether or not Justin Bieber is worthy of his hyperpop stardom, he is really good at wearing white. And that's not something everyone can do.

Seriously though, they talk about him all the time.

THURSDAY, SHOW NIGHT, 06:30pm: We all head over to the Chase Bank Auditorium (the one in Downtown Chicago) to record the show. It's Carl's 78th birthday so we surprise him with pies and sing to him before he goes on stage. Happy Birthday, Carl!

THURSDAY 07:36pm: The show was supposed to start six minutes ago.

THURSDAY 07:37pm: The show starts!

THURSDAY 10:06pm: The show concludes. Leaving the auditorium, I see Mike get in a cab and then get out two blocks later. He forgot he drove in today.

FRIDAY 10:30am: I get Peter a fresh cup of coffee. He tells me I'm really good at what I do. I feel proud.